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Project Description

The Octad Symbol
The octad is a combination of two squares joined together to make a diamond, the diamond shape evokes feelings of activeness whereas the square shapes evoke feelings of stability, Such a contrast is not strange in the perfumes industry.
This Symbol goes back to ancient Greek origins, it is also a famous symbol in Eastern and Arabian cultures known as Rub El Hizb, used to indicate parts of the holy Quarn, nowadays it can be seen in a variety of places, including architecture, Art, flags, coats of arms,…etc.
The Geometric Rose
Roses in general are common symbols in the perfumes industry, and geometric shapes are common practice in oriental cultures and arts. Thee proposed symbol combines both to create a modern rose with an authentic oriental reference.
 The Gateway
The gateway is a straight reference to the brand’s name (La Maison) The house. In their purest forms, gateways are welcoming symbols, inviting people into your home. Our gateway invites people into a world of oriental magic and mysterious beauty, a world of Alluring Scents and lavish luxuries,